Sunday, February 16, 2014

First Impressions

One thing I am sure about is that I have never been that great with first impressions. I am always awkward and nervous, I second guess myself later, it goes on and on, you get the drift.

So, when it came to my house, who was I to judge a house by the first impression? I mean, if I had just turned my nose up at at the site of those white bathroom tiled floors, the 1967 wagon chandeliers, and the chipped up wrought iron banister..I would have had a lot less work to do missed out on a great house. 
Sadly, I didn't think about blogging at the time, so the only photo I have for you is this snapshot from that shows a portion of the entryway on the left.
The day after we got the keys, we ripped that tile up as fast as we could to replace it with hardwood. Well, "we" meaning our contractor, I was 5 months preg with high blood pressure so ripping up tile wasn't exactly on my list of approved activities. The banister came out for the refinishing job on the stairs(we refinished the whole house prior to moving in) and the lights came down about 2 weeks after we moved in. Then, things got a little quiet in that room. 

We actually lived without a banister for 2 years(hang my head in shame) and I am pretty sure if there wasn't a toddler and a grandma in this house it might still be that way. Last November we decided to bite the bullet and have this project done. It was becoming a safety issue and I really wanted to hang garland on it at Christmas. I can't believe the difference it made. I knew exactly what I wanted after checking out several other blogs and Pinterest. I love the look of the white newel post with the stained banister.

So, while there is still a lot to do in this area to work on my first impressions, we are making progress. Here is the list:

  1. Rip up tile and replace with hardwood
  2. Remove wrought iron banister and refinish steps
  3. Paint
  4. Update lighting
  5. Add new banister and newel post
  6. Replace door, stairway and floor molding
  7. Replace closet doors
  8. Update electrical and get rid of that weird old smoke alarm(we have DIY all the other switches. This is a 4 way and over our head and we aren't sure about this smoke alarm yet)
  9. Create a fun and huge gallery wall going up the stairs
  10. Refresh paint on stairway steps
  11. Add crown molding
  12. Paint again - When we moved in we just had it painted a basic color. I am considering a light grey instead of this one because it is more warm/taupey
  13. Add round table in place of that chair(still waiting to find the perfect one for the perfect price)
  14. New rugs(these are leftovers from our old house and a little warm for my taste now)

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